Overview of charging network user commitments on chargemap partners

Access feedback from your customers and improve the quality of your charging network

Once connected to Chargemap, request access to Chargemap Partners and start managing your charging network’s reputation on the Chargemap platform.

An innovative tool

Chargemap Partners – the first tool that enables charging point owners to link up with EV drivers.

Reliable reviews

Chargemap’s review system has been designed to give a true picture of the experience of charging station users.

Time saving

A single interface simplifying the tracking of all ratings, comments and alerts posted by Chargemap users about your charging network.

Dashboard of the Chargemap Partners tool to boost the profitability of charging stations

Your best ally for tracking the brand image 
of your charging network

With Chargemap Partners, you can track the activity and revenue generated by your charging network via Chargemap. View the ratings and reviews posted by your network’s users and reply to them directly on the platform via a certified profile.

Chargemap Partners – a tool enhancing
your customers’ satisfaction


View the brand image of your charging network on Chargemap at a glance

The Chargemap Partners dashboard uploads the key data to track the reputation of your charging network on a daily basis. You can gain a snapshot of your reputation and the quality of service provided by your charging stations as rated by the Chargemap community.

Graph showing the evolution of user commitments to reflect reputation of the charging network
Number of user engagements

User commitment

Observe how Chargemap users interact with your network

Chargemap brings together the comments, ratings and alerts about your network posted by the community in a user commitment tab. Via Chargemap Partners, you can view the number and trend of your users’ commitments. Go further by accessing the list of your charging stations and filtering by type of commitment. Of course, no personal user data is shared.

Chargemap ratings

Track and understand the ratings posted by the Chargemap community

With Chargemap Partners, you can keep an eye on the overall rating of your charging networks on Chargemap. Reliability of the equipment, value for money, location and amenities, comfort and safety: consult the details behind your ratings to detect your strengths and spot your avenues for improvement. Display the list of the charging stations with the lowest scores and target your action to improve their quality of service.

Reply to comments made by charging network users to manage reputation and brand image

Interactions with customers

Use Chargemap Partners to reply to your users

In addition to consulting your customers’ comments, you can also publish answers on behalf of your network via a certified profile. An efficient means of setting up a relationship of close proximity and trust with your users.

Don’t wait any longer to improve the quality of service of your charging network

Request your access to Chargemap Partners and obtain the keys to enhancing user satisfaction on your charging network.

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