Chargemap Pass RFID charging card

Accept the Chargemap Pass and boost the revenue from your charging stations

Adopted by nearly 500,000 drivers, the Chargemap Pass RFID card is a must-have when it comes to accessing public charging. Make your network compatible and broaden your clientele – including businesses and on an international level.

Enhanced visibility

When you become compatible with the Chargemap Pass, you enjoy greater visibility in the Chargemap app (visual differentiation and filters).

Customer satisfaction

Chargemap manages and simplifies invoicing charging operations in addition to providing assistance 24/7 for all its customers charging with a Chargemap Pass.

One-to-one counselling

A dedicated account manager is there to guide you and help you define the best pricing policy for your charging network.

Over 1500 charging networks compatible with the Chargemap Pass

Chargemap mobile app and the Chargemap Pass to boost the revenue of your charging stations

The most effective way of offering your users an all-in-one charging experience

From searching for charging stations to invoicing, Chargemap simplifies charging on your network with the Chargemap Pass and its dedicated mobile app, rated among the very best on the market.

The Chargemap Pass helps you boost
your revenue from your charging stations

Business generator

Step up your revenue from your charging stations by reaching out to new customers from across Europe

You will rapidly recoup your investments by making your charging network compatible with the Chargemap Pass and its nearly 400,000 drivers. Chargemap brings you a more varied clientele due to our pan-European outreach and professional customers subscribing to Chargemap Business.

Increase the revenue of charging stations with a broader clientele across Europe
Revenue of your charging stations guaranteed with chargemap

Transaction management

Guarantee revenue from your charging stations with Chargemap

Chargemap takes care of processing payments for charging sessions carried out on your network by managing invoicing and recovering any outstanding payments. Once a month, Chargemap invoices all the charges conducted with the Chargemap Pass for the previous month and then passes the revenue from your charging stations on to you.

Level 1 support

Take the heat off your hotline with the Chargemap Pass support team

Cut down on the number of incoming calls and emails on your hotline. At Chargemap, we offer Level 1 support to our Chargemap Pass customers. Our support team is specialised in charging electric vehicles and provides assistance 24/7.

Chargemap Pass level 1 support team

Don’t wait any longer to step up your revenue from your charging stations

Over 1500 charging networks are already compatible with the Chargemap Pass. Now it’s your turn to boost the profitability of your charging infrastructure!

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