Boost the profitability of your charging stations with Chargemap Partners

Chargemap Partners helps you develop your clientele and gives you the key to improving the quality of service of your charging stations.

Chargemap in a few figures


million drivers registered with Chargemap


users of the RFID charging card Chargemap Pass


charging networks listed on the platform


reviews on charging stations posted by the Chargemap community every month

Why adopt Chargemap Partners?

To attract a new clientele

Connect your charging network up to Chargemap, the benchmark platform for locating and comparing public charging stations.

 To increase customer loyalty

Consult Chargemap user reviews on your network and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty.

To benefit from Chargemap’s expertise

A dedicated account manager helps you find the ideal strategy to get the best out of your charging network.

The services proposed by Chargemap Partners

Charging stations listed on chargemap
List your network on Chargemap
Reach out to over 2 million drivers who use the Chargemap platform every day to locate and compare charging stations in the UK and across Europe.
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Carte de recharge RFID Chargemap Pass
Accept the Chargemap Pass
Adopted by nearly 500,000 drivers, the Chargemap Pass RFID card is a must-have when it comes to accessing public charging. Make your network compatible and broaden your clientele – including businesses and on an international level.
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Véhicule électrique en charge
Access customer feedback
Once connected to Chargemap, request access to Chargemap Partners and start managing your charging network’s reputation on the Chargemap platform.
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EV driver charging her car at a charging station

Setting up a dialogue between charging networks and EV drivers

The aim behind Chargemap Partners is to foster improvements in charging networks by confronting them with the actual experience of the infrastructure’s users.

Welcome to our future Partner

Exchange ideas now with the Chargemap Partners team and take the first step towards making your charging infrastructures profitable.